In case you’ve missed it Cold War Steve has directed the new Sleaford Mods music video! The first single off their new album of the same name out in March, introducing UK GRIM.

You can watch the full video below, read Chris’ words on how this collaboration came about and of course go and preorder the new album HERE


I’d been approached by a few different bands over the last couple of years, about the possibility of collaborating on a music video. Whilst I was extremely flattered to have been asked, none of them really felt right. I agreed with Carl that I would implement two rules: firstly, I don’t do podcasts, and secondly, I would only do a video with Sleaford Mods…. or Taylor Swift. 

The fit with Sleaford Mods seemed obvious – I’ve always thought that many of my collages were Sleaford Mods songs in visual form. Their brutalist music and caustic, wrathful (but darkly humorous) lyrics were a perfect match. I never actually thought the chance would come.

I was always very star-struck when ‘Jason from Sleaford Mods’ liked, or commented on one of my pictures. So when I received a direct-message from him – whilst I was making the kids breakfast – asking whether I did videos, I nearly poured the box of Asda Choco-Hoops all over the floor. I said that I’d never done a video, but my Twitter friend Happy Toast had very brilliantly brought a lot of my compositions to life, in Gif form. Jason asked if I’d be interested in doing the video for the title track off their next album. Of course I fucking do mate!

I was sent the song and upon seeing the title ‘UK Grim’ I knew everything I’d done previously had been building up to this moment! The song itself is a beast. It’s exactly what we need right now. All the shit over the last 13 years – from the cruelty of austerity, to the mishandling of Covid, fucking Brexit, the corruption and depravity of the government and the rise of flag-shagging far-right populist bullshit. Put it in the bin!

I was hooked up with John Minton, who was tasked with animating my collages for the video. I’d always been apprehensive about the idea of sending my art for someone else to work with – what if they ‘don’t get it’? What if they think it’s trite and get short-tempered with me? What if they’re a massive Tory? A zoom call with John allayed all those fears. He was bloody brilliant. We had a very short amount of time to get everything done, but John made everything so much easier. Sending me a detailed breakdown of the song – verses, choruses, number of beats etc. I gave myself Christmas Day and Boxing Day off, but every other day over that period was spent fully immersed in UK Grim. I sent John hundreds of collages and images, explaining the direction over the phone. When he sent me his first draft of the intro I was blown away. This was going to be fucking great!

Claire Ormiston, the bands manager was amazing and lovely, Jason, well he’s a fucking legend! I’ll never forget chatting to him on the phone about our respective dogs and their garden shits. Jason from Sleaford Mods, actually ringing me up!

The reaction since the video was released has been incredible and I’m so grateful for having been given this opportunity. It’s a timely song and a timely and brilliant album. Now I’m going to see if Taylor Swift’s been touch.

Christopher Spencer