Coming soon to (rescue) the High Street near you!

With Amazon’s unstoppable rise the traditional shop was already fighting for survival long before the triple threat of Brexit, Covid 19 and the war kicked in. So now after a string of hit jigsaws, exhibitions, giant outdoor art projects and a film to his name Cold War Steve has decided to reboot the iconic Adequate Supplies family chain and help save another British institution, The High Street!

Cold War Steve is looking for abandoned High Street retail opportunities to launch his new community art project Adequate Supplies. Bringing people back together and revitalising a small part of our national High Street that is so sadly in decline. 

Adequate Supplies promises to provide essential tinned foods for the body, books and jigsaws for the mind, tea, cake and artworks for the soul. In the grand tradition of Woolworths and Soviet era Supermarkets and spirit of Black Books, Reginald Perrin’s Grot, and all Britain’s long lost department stores both real and imagined. Adequate Supplies will be a new community shop, gallery and events space bringing people back together to share art and ideas, and hopefully some fun and a few jigsaws back to the actual High Street in 2022.

Christopher Spencer’s latest project aims to rediscover what it means in the post-lockdown world to be back together. Meeting up offline, collaborating and supporting one another, whilst realising the importance of these simple acts to human nature and our collective mental health and happiness. And the crucial part that local shops, the High Street and other community spaces play in this. 

It continues to be tough out there for many after the last few years and with the looming cost of living crisis set to make things worse still Cold War Steve aims to bring a little bit of joy through art, events and collective endeavour in this series of new spaces.

Adequate Supplies, Part of the Cold War Steve Family Since 1923

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