Book 3 is coming out on 14 Oct! 

It gives us great pleasure to announce the third book from Cold War Steve on Thames and Hudson, coming out this October and on pre-order now.

Featuring 100 CWS artworks and personal commentary from Chris on every page, and this time by popular demand in a slightly more adequate size too.

Following the bestselling Festival of Brexit and A Prat’s Progress, star satirist Cold War Steve returns with a viral vengeance with his Journal of the Plague Year. Dubbed ‘the modern-day William Hogarth’, the collage artist casts a searing eye back at the last year on ‘Plague Island’ Britain and abroad: featuring a global pandemic, an inept government at home and the US election’s absurdist saga, his chronological journal spans lockdowns, G7 summits, crises and scandals, to leave no-one unscathed.

Featuring the usual suspects in despicable settings, and rife with art historical references, Journal of the Plague Year brilliantly blends world news and art in signature-style collages, each accompanied by witty commentary. Published in an enlarged format, this new tome will delight Cold War Steve’s huge fanbase, and anyone in need of humour after the grimness of this past plague year.


Book format: 128 pages / 100 images / 19.7 x 21.5cm