Hand stamped exhibition edition poster!

Printed by the CWS Office and sent out direct to all the participating exhibitions. These can be sold for £10 each and will help those involved to cover some costs for printing and hopefully raise some money for their charity or community organisation.

We decided at the outset that we didn’t really want people to sell the 23 exhibition prints themselves as it could confuse things with lots of different people doing it at different prices, people not knowing whether it was official or it being abused by some heartless folk out to make a quick buck. But we’ve had lots of emails from brilliant people to tell us about their very worthy causes tied to their exhibition, and how showing You, Me & Cold War Steve could benefit their good work in terms of profile but also for raising cash!

So today we’re announcing this special fundraiser exhibition edition poster. This won’t be downloadable, we’ll be printing them here, then hand stamping and distributing from the office to you!

Get in touch with an address if you want us to send you some out and please let us know what the money raised will be going towards.


The CWS Office